Strategy: Market Space Analysis

During Idea Evaluation and Idea Approval stage, preliminary Market Space Analysis is required. An In-depth Market space Analysis provides an Insight in to defining the Business space and scope that your Idea/s will rely on.



At the end of Idea Generation process, there is an seamless understanding on the objective, scope and the Purpose of the Idea and the effects it will have on the Business/ Market realization.

Trigger :

  • Idea
  • Demand
  • Strategic position/intent
  • New Technology
  • New Avenue
  • Information / News

1) Market Knowledge and Frequency understanding

  • Trade Area Analysis
  • Demographics and Lifestyle Analysis
  • Local and Regional Economical Analysis
  • Business Owners Survey
  • Consumer Survey
  • Focus Groups
  • Peer Comparison

2) Analysis of Opportunity by Sector

3) Dependency Analysis



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