Configuration Management System - Strategy & Planning Featured

Nikhil Aditya Rao .ITIL V3 Expert .

 Abstract: The Configuration Management System enables the definition and control of the components of services and infrastructure, and the maintenance of accurate configuration information about the historical, planned and current state of services and infrastructure. Federated Configuration Management is at the core of IT Service Management processes, such as Incident, Problem, and Change Management. Conceptual items such as services and applications as well as actual items such as servers, routers and storage devices can be represented as Configuration Items (CIs). Each ticket such as an Incident, RFC,or Problem is associated with one or more CIs. When an issue is reported the technician can search for other issues and changes opened for the same CI. In this paper, key considerations for designing and implementing Configuration Management are summarized. Some important policies, roles, RACI Matrix and leveraging technologies proposed in this paper will be valuable guidelines for IT Service Management practitioners.

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