Delphi technique : Idea Evaluation Technique: Decision Making process

The process works as follows:
  • Members are selected for the Delphi panel due to their expertise.
  • They are kept separated and answer through an open-ended questionnaires, surveys, etc. in order to solicit specific information about a subject or content area. Keeping them separated avoids the negative effects of face-to-face discussions and avoids problems associated with group dynamics.
  • Members are asked to share their assessment and explanation of a problem or predict a future state of affairs.
  • The facilitator (panel director) controls the interactions among the participants by processing the information and filtering out irrelevant content.
  • Replies are gathered, summarized, and then fed back to all the group members.
  • Members then make another decision based upon the new information.
  • The process is repeated until the the responses converge satisfactory, that is, it yields consensus.
The success of this process depends upon the member's expertise and communication skill. Also, each response requires adequate time for reflection and analysis. The major merits of the Delphi process are:
  • Elimination of interpersonal problems.
  • Efficient use of expert's time.
  • Diversity of ideals.
  • Accuracy of solutions and predictions.
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