Service Desk Metrics

Service Desk Activate This Model (Enter Yes or No)? Yes        
Operational Metrics     Possible Metric Sources        
  Total Number Of Calls To Service Desk 1   ACD System          
  Average Call Duration (Minutes) 1   ACD System          
  Average Call Waiting (Minutes) 1   ACD System          
  Service Desk Tooling Support Level 1.0   CMMI Tool Ratings or Tool Surveys      
  Number of Calls Transferred 1   ACD System          
  Number of Calls Abandoned 1   ACD System          
  Available Call Agent Labor Hours 1   Staffing Reports          
  Total Service Desk Available Hours 1   Service Level Agreements        
  Total Service Desk Unavailable Hours 1   Number of hours Service Desk is Down      
Tolerance Levels Target Level Warning Level          
  Service Desk Call Resolution Rate 90.0%   80.0%            
  Average Call Duration (Minutes) 1   2            
  Service Desk Tooling Support Level 2.0   1.0            
  Call Agent Utilization 80.0%   90.0%            
  Call Abandon Rate 1.0%   2.0%            
  Call Duration Experience 1   2            
  Call Waiting Rate 1.0%   2.0%            
  Service Desk Service Availability 90.0%   80.0%            
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)     Question To Be Answered      
  Service Desk Call Resolution Rate -100.0%   How many calls are resolved at the Service Desk?    
  Average Call Duration (Minutes) 1   How long is the average customer call experience?    
  Service Desk Tooling Support Level 1.0   How well does our current tool set support Service Desk activities?
  Call Agent Utilization 1.7%   Do we have enough resources to handle calls?    
  Call Abandon Rate 100.0%   What percentage of callers hang up before getting service?  
  Call Duration Experience 2   What is the total time taken to service callers?    
  Call Waiting Rate 50.0%   What percentage of total caller time is spent waiting?    
  Service Desk Service Availability 0.0%   Is the Service Desk available when needed?      
Critical Success Factors Target Level              
  Resolve Customer Issues And Problems At First Call Low   1 1 1 0 3    
  Maintain Customer Productivity Low   1 1 1 0 3    
  Provide A Positive Customer Call Experience Low   1 1 1 0 3    
  Provide Effective Support For Customer Calls Medium   1 1 0 0 2    
    Service Desk Impact Analysis        
                Add Results To Dashboard?
      Customer   Capability   Operational   Financial  
      Medium   Medium   Medium   Low  
      11.0   8.0   2.0   3.0  
      4   3   1   1  
Legal Exposure
        None   Service Outages
        Medium   Rework
        Medium   Waste
        Medium   Delayed Solutions
        None   Slow Operational Processes
        None   Security Breaches
        Medium   Inaccurate Information
        None   Slow Turnaround Times
        None   Unexpected Costs
        Medium   Higher or escalating costs
        High   Low Employee Morale
        High   Slow Response To Business Needs And Changes
        Medium   Unwanted PR Exposure
        Medium   Dissatisfied Customers
        None   Dissatisfied Suppliers
        Medium   Inability to scale
        None   Fines and Penalties
        Medium   High Levels Of Non-Value Labor
        High   Loss of Market Share
        Medium   Loss of Revenue/Sales
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